Flavors of Meditation

Hello Sweet Heart 🙂

Existence expresses itself in various modes. Similarly, there are various ways in which we can open up to the awareness and love of vastness.There are various modes of meditation, (I prefer to say them as practices ) Everyone has his own style, personality. There are certain things which comes easy to them.

My endeavor is to help people access the universal awareness, love through what comes easy and natural to them. Better facing of challenges, removal of unnecessary sufferings, feeling of inter-connectedness and love is what comes along with it. I have tried to provide, when to do, what to do, and the science of spirituality for each practice.

Type of Practices – Each section has sub-section for numerous detailed meditation steps. There are about 45 meditations, 20% meditations will be overlapping (present in more than one section).

Have fun trying them 🙂 Dont, just go on names of meditations, the details will reveal much more than what you would have imagined them to be. Read full, try what sounds fun to you.